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美国营业执照种类,Business License Types

美国营业执照种类(Business License Types)

美国八屋会计事务所支持 200 多种营业执照、许可证和税务登记。

Agriculture / Agribusiness-Related
农业业务-Agricultural Business 肉类许可证-Meat License 鸡蛋许可证-Egg License
IFTA执照-IFTA License IRP 注册-IRP Registration 汽车运输许可证-Motor Carrier Permit
运输/卡车许可证-Transportation/Trucking License 农药经销商执照-Pesticide Dealer License 肥料许可证-Fertilizer License
商业饲料许可证-Commercial Feed License 种子经销商执照-Seed Dealer License 苗圃植物经销商执照-Nursery-Plant Dealer License
水产养殖/水产养殖许可证-Aquaculture/Aquafarming License
Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries
游乐许可证-Amusement Permit 游戏/赌博许可证-Gaming/Gambling License 健身俱乐部/水疗中心许可证-Health Club/Spa License
游泳池许可证-Swimming Pool License
Animal Pets & Pet-Related Businesses
动物经销商/服务许可证-Animal Dealer/Services License 商业饲料许可证-Commercial Feed License 兽医执照-Veterinarian License
Automotive / Watercraft / Aircraft
车辆经销商执照-Vehicle Dealer License 车辆租赁/租赁许可证-Vehicle Rental/Leasing License 车辆维修/服务执照-Vehicle Repair/Service License
运输/卡车许可证-Transportation/Trucking License 汽车运输许可证-Motor Carrier Permit 船只执照-Watercraft License
运输 – 货物/货运 [空运、水运、陆运]
Transportation – CARGO / FREIGHT [Air, Water, Land]
汽车运输许可证-Motor Carrier Permit IFTA执照-IFTA License IRP 注册-IRP Registration
DOT 许可证-DOT License 运输/卡车许可证-Transportation/Trucking License
Contractor / Construction-Related
承建商牌照-Contractors License 总承包商执照-Lead Contractor’s License 石棉承包商执照-Asbestos Contractor’s License
锅炉许可证/检验-Boiler Permit/Inspection 电业承办商执照-Electrical Contractors License 电梯承建商牌照-Elevator Contractors License
工程/测量许可证-Engineering/Surveying License 消防系统许可证/检查-Fire Systems Permit/Inspection 消防系统承包商执照-Fire Systems Contractor License
火情警报器许可证-Fire Alarm Permit 水暖承包商执照-Plumbing Contractors License 检查员执照-Inspectors License
园林绿化许可证-Landscaping License 灌溉承包商执照-Irrigation Contractor’s License 暖通空调/机械承包商许可证-HVAC / Mechanical Contractor License
美容沙龙 / 个人护理相关服务
Cosmetology Salon / Personal Care-Related Services
理发店执照-Barber Shop License 美容店执照-Cosmetology Shop License 行医执照-Medical License
纹身店/美体艺术家执照-Tattoo Parlor – Body Artist License 按摩院/治疗师执照-Massage Establishment/Therapist License 晒黑设施许可证-Tanning Facility License
Educational Services / Training / Instruction
托儿执照-Child Care License 驾校执照-Driving School License 教育机构执照-Educational Institution License
理发店执照-Barber Shop License 美容店执照-Cosmetology Shop License
Financial and Money Services
支票兑现/汇票许可证-Check Cashing/Money Order License 金融服务牌照-Financial Services License 按揭牌照-Mortgage License
汇款执照-Money Transmitter License 货币兑换许可证-Currency Exchange License 债务管理/信用服务许可证-Debt Management/Credit Services License
Food / Beverages & Tobacco-Related
酒类牌照-Alcohol License 食品经营许可证-Food Establishment Permit 食品/饮料许可证-Food/Beverage License
肉类许可证-Meat License 度量衡单位-Weights and Measures 假日销售许可证-Holiday Sales License
乳制品许可证-Dairy License 预制食品/饮料税-Prepared Food/Beverage Tax 烟草许可证-Tobacco License
Fuel, Mining (including Oil and Gas) and Support Activities
石油经销商执照-Petroleum Dealers License 度量衡单位-Weights and Measures 工程/测量许可证-Engineering/Surveying License
采矿许可证-Mining Permit 环境许可证-Environmental Permit 承建商牌照-Contractors License
Lodging / Traveler Accommodations
住宿税-Lodging Tax 住宿场所执照-Lodging Establishment License
Manufacturing, Light & Heavy Industry
农药经销商执照-Pesticide Dealer License 肥料许可证-Fertilizer License 化妆品制造商许可证-Cosmetic Manufacturer License
石油经销商执照-Petroleum Dealers License 床上用品许可证-Bedding License 服装制造商-Apparel Manufacturer
Medical Health Care and Related Businesses
CLIA 注册/实验室许可证-CLIA Registration/Laboratory License 光学/护眼许可证-Optical/Eyecare License 行医执照-Medical License
助听器经销商/分配器-Hearing Aid Dealer/Dispenser 卫生许可证-Health License 疗养院 – 长期护理/辅助生活-Nursing Home – Long-Term Care/Assisted Living
药品器械和化妆品注册-Drug Device and Cosmetic Registration 药房执照-Pharmacy License 医疗设备供应商-Medical Equipment Provider
家庭保健执照-Home Health Care License 大麻许可证-Marijuana License
RETAIL / WHOLESALE Trade (not found in other categories)
拍卖行执照-Auction Firm License 烟花爆破许可证-Fireworks-Explosive License 医疗设备供应商-Medical Equipment Provider
光学/护眼许可证-Optical/Eyecare License 假日销售许可证-Holiday Sales License 价格扫描仪设备注册/检查-Price Scanner Device Registration/Inspection
报警许可证-Alarm Permit 度量衡单位-Weights and Measures 苗圃植物经销商执照-Nursery-Plant Dealer License
食品经营许可证-Food Establishment Permit 自动售货机/设备许可证-Vending Machine/Device Permit 药房执照-Pharmacy License
酒牌-Alcohol License 垃圾箱许可证-Dumpster License 药品器械和化妆品注册-Drug Device and Cosmetic Registration
武器 – 枪支 – 弹药执照-Weapons – Guns – Ammo License  WIC注册-WIC Registration 食品券/SNAP 计划许可证-Food Stamp/SNAP Program License
招牌许可证-Sign Permit 烟草许可证-Tobacco License 货架许可证-Storage Rack Permit
彩票许可证Lottery License 游乐许可证-Amusement Permit 小贩/律师 – 临时商户执照-Peddler/Solicitor – Transient Merchant License
食品/饮料许可证-Food/Beverage License
交通 – 乘客 [空运、水运、陆运和/或医疗]
Transportation – PASSENGER [Air, Water, Land, &/or Medical]
汽车运输许可证-Motor Carrier Permit 的士/豪华轿车服务牌照-Taxi/Limousine Service License 运输/卡车许可证-Transportation/Trucking License
行医执照-Medical License 船只执照-Watercraft License
Pawnshop / Second Hand Dealers
拍卖行执照-Auction Firm License 二手交易商 – 典当行执照-Secondhand Dealer – Pawnbroker License
Real Estate
模块化/移动房屋许可证-Modular/Mobile Housing License 房地产许可证-Real Estate License 房地产估价师执照-Real Estate Appraisers License
出租物业税-Rental Property Tax
Security / Protection / Investigative &/or Patrol-Related Services
安全许可证-Security License 承建商牌照-Contractors License
Social Services for Adults, Children, and the Elderly
托儿执照-Child Care License 成人日托-Adult Day Care 疗养院 – 长期护理/辅助生活-Nursing Home – Long-Term Care/Assisted Living
Telecommunication / Utilities
电信牌照-Telecommunication License
Waste Management and Remediation
承建商牌照-Contractors License 运输/卡车许可证-Transportation/Trucking License 汽车运输许可证-Motor Carrier Permit
环境许可证-Environmental Permit 废物发电机-运输/收集设施-Waste Generator-Transport/Collection Facility
Weapons, Guns and Ammunition
武器 – 枪支 – 弹药执照-Weapons – Guns – Ammo License
Information Services
电影许可证-Film Permit
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
公证人执照-Notary Public License 会计执照-Accounting License
Administrative and Support Services
旅行社-Travel Agency 人才中介牌照-Talent Agency License 职业介绍所执照-Employment Placement Agency License
护士代理执照-Nurse Agency License 员工配备 / PEO 执照-Employee Staffing / PEO License 害虫控制/农药施药许可证-Pest Control / Pesticide Applicator License
园林绿化许可证-Landscaping License 保洁服务提供者注册-Janitorial Service Provider Registration
Other Services & Activities (not found in other categories)
小家电/电子维修许可证-Small Appliance/Electronics Repair License 环境许可证-Environmental Permit 停车场许可证-Parking Lot Permit
非营利/慈善组织注册-Non-Profit/Charitable Organization Registration 小贩/律师 – 临时商户执照-Peddler/Solicitor – Transient Merchant License 殡仪馆/太平间执照-Funeral Establishment/Mortuary License
动物标本执照-Taxidermy License
保险执照-Insurance License
Architectural / Engineering / Interior Design
建筑设计事务所执照-Architectural-Design Firm License 工程/测量许可证-Engineering/Surveying License 园林绿化许可证-Landscaping License
Debt Collection / Judgment Recovery
催收机构执照-Collection Agency License 收代理牌照-Repossession Agency License

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